That Awkward First Post

In order to have a blog that anyone would want to read, you have to actually post something. But what to say? How are we going to start off this relationship? Ugh the pressure.

Whenever I try to start anything new, I always do the same thing... I over think. I tend to get hung up on the details. Lucky, this time around I am a bit more prepared. I wanted to start with something simple. The driving force behind why all of us in the blogosphere do what we do.

I decided that I would start with something basic, why did I want to blog?

I've had several blogs over the years, and... I love blogging. It's a great way for me to be creative and to let out all those weird thoughts floating around in my head. And the one thing that I always loved about the blogging communiverse is the support, love and inspiration that I felt from other women. Other (ex) wives. Other (dog) moms. Other girlfriends.

As part of my "New Year Resolution" I wanted to reclaim my mental and physical health. The past few have years have not been kind to me; I left an abusive marriage, I lost my mom to cancer, I moved across the country and for the first time I was alone in this world. Responsible for myself, and only myself. And then there's that whole pesky pandemic that has brought mine and so many other people's lives to a screeching halt, and right when I started to get everything figured out. However, through those journeys I have realized that I wanted to have a place to connect, inspire and to be inspired by other women, wives, moms and girlfriends. And with that I decided to reignite my love for blogging. I want every person that visits here to close their computer or phone feeling better about themselves, humanity and sisterhood. My desire is to have an honest space where I can chronicle my journey of healing, all my triumphs and even my epic failures. I won't always have perfectly staged photos or happy anecdotes about love, motherhood and friendship but I will share from a pure and honest place. Is it possible to find happiness after great tragedy and loss, can you find love even when you are broken? What does healing look like? These are all things I'm so grateful to have a chance to explore with you. So welcome to my mountain... I hope you enjoy my journey to the top. If you are new here, please comment and don't forget to backlink your blog so I can explore your corner of the internet!