Sometimes, life happens

Hello, and welcome back. Its true, I've been a little absent lately... and based on my inbox, you have noticed.

I didn't mean to step away for so long, but as I mentioned before, I've been dealing with personal changes that have greatly effected my ability to sit down an write. No, I didn't lose my motor skills or get my hands amputated... I moved and started several new ventures.

I planned on moving and getting my office set up immediately but lets face it, moving is stressful and in a barrage of boxes other things seemed more important like putting together my room and having a comfortable place to sleep and organizing and stocking my kitchen with groceries and essentials so I could eat. I also think that sometimes its good to take a time out when you feel stressed or overwhelmed and I did just that.

I love this project I started but with the expenses that I have accrued moving I decided my time would be better spent focusing on things that will make me money... so keep a look out because I am in the process of launching several new project with my dear friend and new roommate Jessyca. I have also reevaluated my posting schedule and will be keeping it to two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) with the exception of the first Wednesday of every month for Women Empowerment Wednesdays!

I hope you all stick with me as I figure out what the heck I'm doing... and in the mean time, stop by social media accounts, follow me and say hi so you can keep up!!