Lately, I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed. My head and my heart are completely out of sync and it feels like I’m tied to an anchor and slowly sinking.

Saturday marked the 4 year anniversary of my mom's passing, an event that replays constantly in my mind on a loop anyways but this week has been especially hard. Couple that with my ever long battle with depression, PTSD and the unraveling of my home life and I’ve been an uninspiring mentally distracted mess.

My mission is to always keep it real and for this to not be a highlight reel or a greatest hits... I think it’s important for this space to be the whole story. While I try to stick to a posting schedule (I post Sunday thru Wednesday) I’m finding it increasingly difficult to put all my thoughts and emotions into words. I’m not even sure if I’m ready share simply due to that fact that I haven’t completely explored where I'm at mentally.

The past few days I’ve attempted to keep my mind busy and myself distracted and disciplined by working on my shop. I’m building up inventory, taking photos, and doing all the tedious stuff behind the scenes that you have to do for a launch. I also had a busy weekend working on some cool features and content that will be hitting the site in the upcoming weeks.

I’m very proud of how this project of mine is taking shape and I’m glad that so many people have reached out to tell me that they enjoy what I’m doing. It’s truly an honor that you read my words, connect with me and continue to come back each day!

Catch me tomorrow, for a love letter to myself, an exercise in learning how to forgive yourself. And if you aren't already following me on Instagram make sure you stop by and give me a follow because I’ve been posting a lot of sneak peeks and some behind the scenes fun!