Brittany Michelle at Local Growth Night Huntington Beach, June 24th, 2021. Photo provided by Bears Event Rentals. 

A Little Bit About Me...

Hello and welcome!


You started clicking on some links and you stumbled upon my corner of the Internet. I bet you are tired from your journey so relax, pour yourself a drink and hangout while you get to know me better. 


My name is Brittany Michelle, I'm 30 something and I live in beautiful Southern California with my boyfriend, our dog, Buddy and our three cats, Mortimer, Thurston and Frank. 

I  am an entrepreneur and I currently own and operate Local Growth Night™ and its parent company Tiny Forest Branding Co. I am also a full-time brand ambassador for all the brands under my companies umbrella. 

After attending junior college in my hometown, I attended University of Phoenix in downtown San Francisco for Business with a concentration in Green and Sustainable Enterprises. During college I interned at SL State and Associates doing market feasibility research for mixed residential and retail developments in the Bay Area. 


After working as a freelance business manager and realizing that I  was continually in need of graphic designers to bring my visions to life I went on to attend the Art Institute of California to study Graphic Design and Web Scripting. A skill which has allowed me to package myself as a one-stop-shop. Typography is my favorite aspect of designing and I absolutely love coding. I enjoy sketching and water coloring although I don't do it as much as I'd like. I am an avid crafter and I'm in the process of building a new handmade shop (but only as a hobby). 

I am a former pro makeup artist and I wear way too much black but I blame that on the 15 years I spent in the beauty industry. I'm obsessed with nail polish and anything that promises to diminish fine lines. 

I've had several blogs over the years, and... I love blogging. It's a great way for me to be creative and to get out all those ideas floating around in my head. The one thing that has always drawn me to the blogging communiverse is the support, love and inspiration that I felt from other women. Other entrepreneurs. Other (fur) moms. Other girlfriends. 


My desire is to have an honest behind-the-scenes space where I can chronicle my journey of building my business, all my triumphs and even my epic failures. I won't always have perfectly staged photos or inspiring anecdotes about business ownership but I will share from a pure and honest place.


Thank you for stopping by, I hope when you close your computer or phone you leave here feeling like you are not alone in your journey.